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Born: August 29, 1958

F. Gregory Holland is an author, composer, guitarist musician, songwriter, producer, publisher and business professional. Making artistic contributions as a studio musician, Greg’s style is improvisational, with a Jazz Fusion flare.  Primarily contributing instrumental work, his compositions often include mixing a blend of blues, jazz and rock styles, ranging from vibrant melodies to mood-filled solo techniques. Greg’s musical influences are extensive, predominantly stemming from traditional blues and gospel, as well as contemporary jazz and rock disciplines.  However, Greg’s musical interests include styles of numerous types.

“To say who stands out to me as a musical artist is difficult, in that there are so many talented individuals with outstanding abilities, whom I have great admiration for.  Music is such a blessing; we should be open and appreciate what each genre has to offer.”

Greg’s musical foundation began at early childhood, starting with the piano and violin. In conjunction with that, there was plenty of extra-curricular church and school music participation.  At a young age, he later developed an interest in the trumpet. 

"During my early childhood, I remember sneaking to listen to my parent's old standard jazz albums, some of which included  music greats, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Wes Montgomery. I thought to myself, these guys sound so cool."

Greg was connected with an extremely dedicated, but stern trumpet instructor, who insisted that his students also have dedication and take practice seriously. This teaching proved  to be invaluable, in that it attributed to the importance of commitment, discipline and focus. These influences helped to foster qualities which were not only positive from a musical standpoint, but clearly helped to shape character as well.  

Greg found that by making a concerted effort for practice, that his playing abilities improved. Like most young junior high school kids, Greg participated in his share of capers and amusement, however through making a sincere effort to ensure sufficient time for practice, his musical abilities were greatly enhanced.  Greg was very active in his junior high school band. Occasionally, he also played bugle calls for his boy scout troop.

“I have been truly blessed to have had the support of family and others, who not only recognized the good in music, but also realized the importance and significance of making a difference through positive influence, which attributed to instilling beneficial values. I will always remember my trumpet instructor Mr. Davis. Although demanding, he truly wanted his students to succeed, no matter what their chosen path in life was. Of course to break up the routine of practice, I managed to find numerous forms of amusement.  As I look back, it’s amazing that our band instructor Mr. Witty tolerated some of our junior high school band shenanigans.  Although I was not the ring leader of the pranks, Mr. Witty certainly had his hands full with us.  In some instances during practice, we would purposely deviate from the music score as it was written and instead, add our own improvised melodies. It would really irritate him. All Mr. Witty truly wanted, was for the band to be cohesive and to have stellar performances. Our pranks were all in fun though. We had respect for Mr. Witty as our leader. When it came time to perform, we didn’t let him down. Thanks to Mr. Witty, I learned the value of working together collectively.”  

Greg essentially transitioned to the guitar while in junior high school. Since then, the guitar has been his instrument of choice. Greg received formal guitar instruction, including theory. However, many of his techniques acquired over the years have been the result of self-teaching, as well as collaboration with other musicians. Although there have been periods in which Greg’s music ambitions took a slight reprieve, it was evident that music was meant to remain constant in his life.

“I find that music in its purest form, is a way to level the playing field, by providing a method of self-expression. For those who are open to this, it's possible that they will be touched in a meaningful way.”

F. Gregory Holland was born in Chicago and raised in the Midwest. He resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Greg has over 140 registered music works. In addition to his music background, Greg is a business owner with a background in business law and corporate finance. Greg seeks to utilize his music talents in order to facilitate benefiting important causes. Please review our Charitable Activities Page.  Currently, his music work includes studio session performance and production, as well as assistance with providing music supervisors high quality recorded music for commercial projects.   Visit our licensing library.

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